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Beyond Buzzwords with Leaders that Drive Change

Welcome to the Resourcing Leaders Live, your new go to for all the latest updates and information affecting the world of resourcing and TA. In this bi-weekly webinar, you’ll be joined by the charismatic Kirstie Kelly and a panel of industry specialists, as they take a lighthearted look at some of today’s burning topics, as well as digging a little deeper into ongoing issues the sector is facing.

Join them as they read between the lines of media sensationalism and relevant industry news, to give you the real conversations beyond the buzzwords.


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Upcoming Episodes

Episode 1: Behind the Buzzwords

24th May, 2023

Latest Recruitment News

Kirstie Kelly

@ RL100

Andrea Marston

Senior Director, Global Talent Acquisition
@ VMWare

Bill Boorman


About the Host

Kirstie Kelly – RL100 Advisor, Executive Coach, TREC Board Member and Industry expert is on hand!

Introducing Kirstie Kelly, an esteemed industry expert and podcast host who will be leading insightful discussions for recruitment and talent acquisition professionals. With her terrier-like tenacity, Kirstie delves beyond the buzz to uncover critical insights and explore the latest trends and developments in the field.

As a leading voice in the industry, Kirstie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to every conversation. Her professionalism, coupled with a passion for pushing the boundaries, makes her an ideal guide for those looking to stay ahead of the curve in recruitment and talent acquisition.

Join Kirstie as she explores the latest topics, shares actionable insights and provides thought leadership that will empower you to make informed decisions and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Reach out to Kirstie at or on her Linkedin page below!

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