RL100MiddleEast Charter


In return for membership as a part of this group of Talent Acquisition focused business professionals who care about the development and success of our industry, we ask that you make a commitment in return;

To actively engage with the wider community – seek opinion, drive thought-provoking conversations through regular attendance at our events, through direct connection and relationship building with other members or through our online chat channels and platforms.

The entire our community channels operates using Chatham House rules. That means, whatever is said within the group is not to be shared with anyone outside of the group. We take this very seriously. This allows our members to talk in confidence. This charter acts as our NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Of course if you’re sharing insight or expertise, that’s different. In particular we find that having a safe space to share your corporate challenges, is unique and important.

We recognise that people move around different roles and companies in the industry. That’s why we ask members to let us know if they have any vendor connections. Board membership, minor advisory capacity and minor shareholdings are common. However, significant ownership, direct employment or substantial directorship/advisory of a vendor organisation is prohibited. It’s important that we understand when a conflict of interest may occur. We’ll talk to you if we think that might be the case.

Psychological Safety is important to us. We ask everyone to operate with respect, and respect the opinion of others. We appreciate that what you may not find offensive, others may. When you’re communicating actually or remotely, make sure you’re clear who you are. A simple thing but often we can be accused of assuming others know who we are.

If you’re sharing a document, report or other asset, do that in the platform so other members can use your valuable resource when they need to. It’s searchable, no documents should be shared outside of the community, without permission from the original poster.

Please try and use relevant groups in order to direct your conversations, and relevant hashtags so ensure members can find your posts, if we find your post may be better suited in a different group – we may contact you to ensure you’re making the most from the app.

If offering a recommendation it’s useful to explain the context. Please also make clear any connection to the vendor, whether personal, advisory or other. That way, other members can make an informed decision as a result.

Don’t become a lurker! You are a part of the group, try to contribute. Create a more inclusive environment, encourage discussion. If you’re ‘seeing’ every message, occasionally respond with insight, because we want to hear your opinions and learn from your experience.

Lastly, if you have any issues with the group, content, or other members of the group, speak to the The Recruitment Events Co. (TREC) Team. It’s our job to be sure all members meet the Charter requirements.