RL Digital, Partner Webinar:
June 24th | 11am-12pm (BST) | Online

Tomorrow’s World: From Automation and AI, to DEIB+ and Learning & Development, what does the future of HR and TA look like?

Work in 2024 is hugely different to just five years ago. And, looking into the future, it’s clear further change is on the way.

A recent report from YouGov and Indeed surveyed 16,671 people from across the globe to understand what the future of work looks like. In this session we’ll cover the key takeaways from the report to enable thought provoking discussions and learnings in real-time.

Questions we’ll be covering in this virtual roundtable :

1) How is your organisation adapting to the changing workplace – and what challenges and opportunities have you encountered?

2) How do you think your TA strategy will evolve over the short to medium term to adjust to these external and internal changes?

3) What do you think are the biggest challenges and opportunities for the public sector in the evolution of how we work?

And more!

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