RL100 KSA: Riyadh Lunch & Learn

January 23rd, 2024
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Ascott Rafal Olaya Riyadh
15 Strategic TA Leaders
23rd January 2024,
11am – 2.30pm

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Navigating Talent Acquisition and the Future of Work: A KSA Insight

In the ever-evolving Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a unique opportunity presents itself, as professionals and thought leaders gather for a Lunch & Learn session, aimed at unraveling the intricacies of talent acquisition and the changing landscape of work.

Embark on a journey of exploration as key industry experts share insights into the ever-changing world of talent acquisition.

Building Bridges through Networking: Amidst the business conversations, a platform for strategic networking emerges. Attendees are encouraged to forge connections and foster collaborations that extend beyond the event. As professionals navigate common challenges, the session serves as a nexus for shared experiences and mutual growth.

Aligning with Saudi Vision 2030: Against the backdrop of Vision 2030, we explore the strategic alignment and importance of talent acquisition in the Kingdom.

Benefits of Thoughtful Participation: This unique event promises not just strategic awareness but a deeper comprehension of the practical implications of workforce dynamics. Attendees are encouraged to participate actively, gaining practical insights that can then be can be applied to their unique professional contexts.



Arrivals & Intros


Interviewing for success in a growth environment
Abbed Anabtawi, Head of Talent Acquisition @ Cenomi Group


Employer Brand Strategy in 2024 and beyond and how Humanity must sit at the heart of your message
Tom Chesterton, Co-Founder and Thought Leader & Mark Horley, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder @ Tonic


Summary & Close





Keynote Speakers

Abbed Anabtawi, Head of Talent Acquisition, Cenomi Group will be sharing his valued thoughts and expertise on
“Interviewing for success in a growth environment’ which will take a deep-dive into his approach to building a hiring methodology which has the all important Hiring Manager buy-in.

Tom Chesterton, Co-Founder & Thought Leader and Mark Horley, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founders of Tonic will be sharing insight around the subject of ‘Innovations in Employer Branding for 2024 and beyond, the integration of corporate and employer brands, the role of humanity in branding, and the use of AI and data in improving candidate experience.’

Abbed Anabttawi

Head of Talent Acquisition, Cenomi

Tom Chesterton

Co-Founder and Thought Leader, Tonic Employer Branding

Mark Horley

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder, Tonic Employer Branding

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